Art direction, Illustration, Animation, Design and Painting


The old homepage

The old homepage

 Joining a Startup in their Exploration phase

Playmoolah was an interesting experience. I joined the team when they were just about 4-5 people in a co-working space, a young startup still finding their feet. They were keen on bringing financial education to children, so we set about designing games, stories and characters. Their business strategy has changed in the years since I’ve left, so you won’t find these characters on their site these days.


A world-building game about finance

I helped create a world called the Moolahverse, ruled by King Mooman, protected by Guardians (the player avatars) and populated by little creatures simply called Minis. The idea was to create a social game for kids, modeled after Club Penguin. In this game, the kids would be the Guardians, building worlds for their Minis and playing mini-games that taught them about money — that it can be earned, saved, spent, invested and given to causes.


Character Design


Game Art


The Lore of the Moolahverse

I worked with the team to establish the backstory of the Moolahverse and how all the characters related to each other. This led to the creation of a Virtual Skit that they would present to others when talking about the game world of Playmoolah.