Art direction, Illustration, Animation, Design and Painting
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Tembusu Bemused


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Tembusu College (NUS) approached my best friend Yanyun Chen and I in 2012 to create a game that introduced new students to the faculty. Being massive fans of Tim Schafer and Monkey Island, we decided to make a point-and-click adventure puzzle game.

I worked on the art direction while Yanyun wrote the story, dialogue and came up with the game design. Once the concept and ideas were settled, we called on our merry band of freelancer friends to create the animations, music, sound and programming.


Art and Design

Designing for Tembusu Bemused was not unlike painting a portrait. We decided that each character in the game would be a highly caricatured version of the actual person, and the environments would be reflective of little-known dramas or flaws in the actual college building. Yanyun went out to meet all the faculty included in our game, interviewing them about what they did and recording reference videos while she was at it. I designed the characters based on these videos and what their specializations were, and directed our animator and sound designer to bring them to life.

Final character designs

Final character designs

Leaks were common in the college, and one professor told us about how even the sockets in his office were leaking. This made it into the game.

The point of the game was to find Greg. Greg is the dean of Tembusu College. He was, in actual fact, always a difficult person to find.

Greg’s room is a coffee shrine.

Designing assets for the UI

Shots from the game